11 Most-Hated Cleaning Challenges Solved

We don’t have to tell you that cleaning isn’t easy…or fun. We can’t claim to make it fun, we can tell you e-cloth WILL make cleaning easier and faster.  If cleaning were easier, we would all be more inclined to do it, right?

We’ve put together a list of the most hated cleaning tasks. But we haven’t stopped there. We’ve also provided you with the solution.

11 Most Hated Cleaning Challenges Solved with e-cloth.001.jpeg

  1. Shower & Tub Scum won’t gross you out anymore.  Shower cleaning is consistently rated as one of the least desirable cleaning chores. I’m sure you can relate. e-cloth’s Shower Pack has these amazing, extra-absorbant fibers that just instantly soak up moisture and, with a quick swipe, remove soap scum, built up grime and water marks. Prepare to be amazed at how easy this is!
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  2. Dirty, dull floors just make the entire house look dingy. The Deep Clean Mop makes
    floor cleaning less of a chore and more of a reward. Its wide base is on a 360 degree swivel, making it easy to get into corners and other hard-to-reach places. Footprints, dirt and spills (i.e. sticky stuff, gunk, mystery messes, etc.) are no match for what this mop can do. (AND, the Deep Clean Mop was rated Best Washable Mop by Real Simple Magazine – May 2012)
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  3. Ok, streaky windows are awful, and can be quite unsafe. Whether you’re trying to see through your car’s windshield or trying to watch the sunset from your enclosed porch, streaky windows obstruct your view and really put a damper on things. e-cloth’s Window Pack is the only window cleaning product that cleans windows and mirrors with just water, leaving them streak-free, smear-free and lint-free
  4. Ceiling Fan & Chandelier Crud. Ew! Picture what’s up there. This is the dust and
    gunk that flies around your house from the outdoors. It’s the sticky, greasy stuff in the kitchen. Fortunately, you don’t even have to look at it because the Cleaning & Dusting Wand bends to any position and is flexible along the entire length of the wand to reach those narrow, hard-to-reach spots. It is especially good at easily cleaning underneath and behind appliances.10632-19- HiRes
  5. Stubborn cooked-on, burnt-on messes don’t have to become permanent stovetop decorations. Instead, e-cloth scrubbing stripes give the Range & Stovetop Cloth extra power for cleaning all types of cooking spills creating a kitchen you’re proud of. Just look at those stripes! They remove tough grease and grime on and around burners, cooktops, and other stove surfaces without scratching.10618S-72- HiRes.jpg
  6. Over time, stainless steel becomes dull and flat. Give dull stainless steel a new life
    with the Stainless Steel Pack. The dual-sided Stainless Steel Cloth cleans both brushed and polished stainless steel while the Finishing Cloth leaves surfaces smear-free, streak-free and polished.
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  7. Nasty microwave messes and spills are gross and probably linger longer than we’d like to admit. (Probably because everyone is waiting for you to clean it, right?) e-cloth’s Kitchen Cloth has a crud-fighting scrubbing pocket for removing stuck-on food.
  8. I can’t be the only one who makes a humongous mess when I cook. One thing I always (always!) do despite how careful I am is spill olive oil onto the counter or stovetop. You know that conventional cleaning methods do not even come close to removing all that oily mess. e-cloth’s General Purpose Cloth is constructed with specialized fibers that just soak up, trap in and completely remove oily residues with just water. All of it. Gone. It almost sounds counterintuitive – water + oil = mess.  The power is in the fibers that act like absorbent sponges and just like that, the mess is gone. 10602-09- HiRes
  9. Dirt, dust and gunk are some of the worst things for your sensitive electronic gadget screens. You spend hard-earned money on tablets, smart phones and e-readers so you obviously want to keep them running at their best. The Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth – a steal at $3.99!! – removes fingerprints, smears, makeup, oils, grease, grime and over 99% of bacteria all while preserving the protective coatings! <– According to The Huffington Post, cell phones are some of the grossest things we own.
  10. I’m going to let Emily at The Innovative Mama tell you all about dusting those impossible blinds.
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  11. Grout. Scummy, dirty, ugly tile grout. Not a traditional use for this product, but the Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pads’ handy size make it easy to scrub away soap scum and mildew using just water. It’s an effortless way to brighten the look of your tile.

Has e-cloth helped you clean something you thought you’d never get clean again? Share with us in the comments.



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