12 Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

If you’re a mom, basic housekeeping may be a struggle. The ideal set by perfect homes in magazines can cause you to stress out! If you put those unrealistic expectations on yourself, you’re going to be disappointed…and that’s not ok.  But you can get the most of the time you have and get a sense of calm and accomplishment by trying a few of these tips.
Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Here are our favorite tips for getting things done without the stress and large time commitment.

  1. Decide what your highest priorities are and establish a routine that you know you can stick to.
  2. Tackle one tough deep cleaning chore each week. Example:
    Week 1- Mopping floors
    Week 2 – Cleaning out the refrigerator
    Week 3 – Window cleaning
  3. Clean in small chunks of time. It may mean only committing to 10 minutes per day in on one chore, but at least you’re checking things off the to-do list.
  4. Clean in zones. Break down the sections of your home into logical “zones” so cleaning feels less daunting. We like this easy printable from A Cultivated Nest.
  5. Get creative! For example: If you have young children, play ‘musical clean up’ to get little hands excited to be involved.
    Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms musical cleaning get creative
  6. Tidy up as you clean. Declutter, reorganize and throw out junk mail so surfaces are easier to clean.
  7. Sweep a room as you leave it. Start at the farthest wall from the doorway and sweep toward the door so you don’t track in more dirt as you go.
  8. Keep a Dusting Cloth in a drawer in the living room so as you open the curtains in the morning you can dust off surfaces real quick.
  9. Clean up as much of the kitchen as you can and wipe down the counters every night before bed. You’ll be glad you did the next morning!
  10. If your kids are older, have them chip in. Designate specific chores for each child.That way the chores get done while the kids are learning the value of responsibility and the importance of keeping a home clean. Example:
    Child 1 – dusting
    Child 2 – vacuuming
    Child 3 – collecting and emptying the trash
  11. Make cleaning easier by doing these 5 things first!
  12. Have a dedicated day to fold laundry. That way you know it’s coming. Settle in with a good audio book and you’re set!

What hints do you have for other busy moms? We’d love to know!

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