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5 Things to do Before You Clean to Make Cleaning Easier

July 05, 2017

5 Things to do before you clean to make cleaning easier, cleaning tips, cleaning hacks

Free yourself from some of the usual stress that comes with cleaning your home by incorporating these 5 tips before starting your cleaning routine. We can’t guarantee you’ll be stress-free, but we think you’ll be happy with the results.

  1. Remove clutter — Straightening up before you clean clears the surfaces you’ll be cleaning, creating fewer obstacles to getting the job done. This can be as simple as putting those “organized” piles of papers in a drawer…for now. This makes dusting infinitely easier!
    Check out our Pinterest board — Expert Cleaning Tips — for expert ideas and tips for decluttering your home.
  2. Have a plan — Before starting, decide on what chores you’re going to tackle. This will help you stay focused. Your plan should include how much time you want to dedicate to each task. Having a plan will also help you with Steps #3 and #4 below.
  3. Organize your tools — Once you’ve set your plan, assemble all the tools you’ll need. Place these items in their respective locations so all you have to do is go there and begin. For the best, time-saving tools around, might we suggest e-cloth! Shop our wide assortment at
    e-cloth cleaning products, chemical-free cleaning with e-cloth
  4. Set a timer — For optimal time efficiency, stick with your plan and set a timer for each new chore. This will ensure that you don’t get sidetracked or spend too much time on any one chore; unless necessary, of course.
  5. Set the mood — What motivates you? Is it music? Is it fresh air? Think about what makes you happy and have those things available while you clean. Turn the music up! Open the curtains and shades to let in more sunlight. Open the windows for fresh air. At the very least, we hope this will put a smile on your face!

BONUS tip: If your kids are home, and they’re not ready to help out yet, make sure they’re occupied with something to do so you have fewer interruptions and you can move right through your plan. The same goes for pets. That means less pet hair as you clean too! It’s probably a good idea to set your phone on silent at this point too.

How do you prepare for cleaning? Did you try any of these suggestions? If so, let us know how they worked for you in the Comments section.

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