6 Ways to Keep Your Home Cleaner




  1. Keep General Purpose Cloths handy so you can tackle spills. Messes happen all the time. Don’t give them time to become disasters.image


2. Save time doing the dishes by using the one-two punch of Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths and the Washing Up Pad. Tackle burnt-on, stuck-on messes and greasy streaks from pots and pans as well as countertops and sinks, creating a kitchen you want to show off.

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3. Slipping into the High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Glove every couple of days and running it over the trouble spots will help prevent dust allergies and make the overall appearance of your home look cleaner for when friends just happen to drop by. Then just toss it in the wash at the end of the week and start over on Monday.

4. Stop trying to put on makeup or shave through toothpaste and watermarks on the mirror. Instead, stash a Glass & Polishing Cloth in a bathroom drawer for easy access for a toothpaste-free, clear sparkling mirror.

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5. For most people, window cleaning is a chore. This is because they use the wrong tools. 10615W-Window-Cleaning-PackThe truth of the matter is that there is something that makes window cleaning quicker and easier. The e-cloth Window Pack clean better and faster than glass cleaner and paper towels, leaving a streak-free, smear-free and lint-free finish. You’ll save so much time and they’ll look so good, but your spouse will think you spent all day cleaning windows.




6. If you find yourself scrambling before a play date, the quick, easy answer to clean floors the kids can play on is e-cloth’s floor cleaning duo. All it takes is a quick pass with the Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster and the floors are ready for the quick-drying Deep Clean Mop. Do this once a week or when floors look dull or dirty.


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