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A Cloth with a Learning Curve: Bacteria Removal

December 07, 2017

This is the third article in our series on A Cloth with a Learning Curve. We already explored why we think that’s a good thing and shared how to care for your e-cloths. Now we want to talk about bacteria.

How much bacteria removal is too much? This was a hot topic a few months ago over on our Instagram feed when we posted a statistic about E. Coli on cart handles (ew!).
e-cloth bacteria removal cart handles chemical-free cleaning .png

We got some really good feedback and wanted to expand on the topic here. There were two schools of thought, both valid in their own ways.

  1. A small amount of bacteria is good in order to help build up a child’s immune system.
  2. While there was some agreement on this first thought, it was the type of bacteria that was most important. To rid cart handles of E.Coli is better (and less gross!) than strengthening the child’s immune system.

e-cloth is the only brand that is proven to remove over 99% of bacteria including these nasty illness-causing types like E.Coli and listeria. e-cloth commissioned an accredited food testing laboratory, Silliker Group, to conduct research on the use of e-cloths on hard surfaces that had been contaminated with different types of common bacteria. Using just water, the results showed that over 99% of bacteria were removed! This research has been review and approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).e-cloth bacteria removal proven chemical-free cleaning.png
Yes, that does means that there is removal of some “good bacteria. The two things to keep in mind are:
1. Children will encounter bacteria in many settings that an e-cloth will never touch including at school, at the park, at church, anywhere they interact with other people; and
2. This is a replacement for the unsafe chemicals that are currently being used that eliminate bacteria – chemicals that leave behind a toxic residue instead.  The choice is obvious.

The bottom line is that e-cloth’s goal is to protect families! We believe that removing these big offenders and keeping the home environment clean and safe is what’s most important.

How do you weigh in on the subject? Share with us in the Comments section below!


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