All Rooms Are Not Created Equal

It’s summer and our two little boys are home so every room in the house is feeling the brunt of little boy messes #lifewithboys. All rooms are not created equal and there is one room in my home that I am having a heck of a time keeping clean, the bathroom is getting the worst of it. Swimming, tromping in mud and just creating all kinds of boy messes means showers every night – or several times a day. The shower is a nightmare right now. My e-cloth Bathroom Pack is getting a serious, daily workout!

Daria of Your Organized Life cleans her bathroom with the Bathroom Pack too and found that it is definitely the best way to clean! Continue reading below to see how well and how fast she was able to clean.

A Better Way to Clean

I was the lucky recipient of a 2 pack of e-cloths for the bathroom. In a pretty, sunny yellow! The box said one removes grease and grime and the other polishes all shiny surfaces. The e-cloth works with just water. No chemicals. And removes 99% of bacteria (including e-coli). I let my bathroom cleaning go a few days longer than normal just so I could give it a really good test for my readers. I must say I am very impressed. Read on for my ecloth review.

a better way to clean your bathroom1

I believe green cleaning. I try to remove toxins from my home whenever I can. A very important place to do this is with your household cleaners. (For a few scary statistics about why you don’t want to use traditional cleaners, scroll to the end.)

Soft and Easy to Use

I’ve tried plenty of microfiber cleaning cloths but the grease/grime cloth was incredibly

soft. I have dry hands and they usually snag on microfiber cloths, which is a yuckyfeeling. Not with this one. Really soft!

The softness of the cloth really helped me bunch it up and get in hard to reach spaces. I was easily able to clean that space between the bathroom faucet and handle!

a better way to clean your bathroom2Cleans Everywhere-FAST

Here’s what I cleaned in my bathroom in less than 10 minutes. Yes, I timed myself

  • granite countertop
  • 2 sinks and faucets
  • 2 mirrors
  • bathtub, surround, and faucet
  • shower floor and 3 glass doors
    • I have an older shower. The finish on the tiles and glass doors is not faring so well these days so I had accepted that some soap scum was not going to come off. But with just a little elbow grease and the ecloth, I got it off! Woo hoo! And then I used the polishing cloth to make them shine. SO much better
  • baseboards
  • and yes, I even cleaned the toilet bowl surround
    a better way to clean your bathroom3All with one cloth and some water! Talk about a more efficient way to clean!Plus, I feel much better about myself when I don’t have to use a bazillion paper towels that just end up in the trash.When I was done I simply used the little loop sewn on the end of the cloth to hang it in the tub to dry. (See how shiny the fixtures are?)
    a better way to clean your bathroom4Which brings me to another point, the shining cloth made quick work of my mirrors and my hubby’s cologne bottles.

    Why I’m Excited About e-cloth

    • Kiss sensitivity and allergic reactions to chemicals, fragrances, and dyes goodbye
    • I don’t have to buy all those chemicals.
      • Did you know the average American spends $55 a month on cleaning supplies? That adds up to about $660 a year! I’m thinking I’d rather spend $660 on travel. What would you spend it on?
    • The e-cloth is usually $7.99 and lasts for 300 washes. That’s a long time. Like years.
    • The e-cloth is carried at Ace Hardware!!
      • So when I need a new one, or want some of their other cool products, I don’t have to wait for a shipment. My Ace is literally five minutes up the road. If you don’t know where your local Ace is, use the e-cloth store locator.

    As promised, here is the scary truth about traditional household cleaners. I encourage you to not only read this section but do your own research.

    The Truth About Your Cleaners

    Once you realize just how toxic the cleaners available at your local grocery store are, you’ll never travel down that aisle again. Some shocking statistics:

    • Out of the 80,000+ chemicals we use, the Environmental Protection Agency only has complete information on about 5%. Wow. That’s not enough for me.
    • Everyday (repeat: everyday) chemicals have increased the rates of leukemia, brain cancer, and childhood cancer in the US by more than 20% since 1975 (
    • The American Lung Association reports that women who use traditional cleaning products have a nearly 15% loss of lung function
    • Indoor air is polluted anywhere from 2-5 (and sometimes 100) times higher than outdoor air (American Association of Poison Control Centers)

How do you clean your bathroom? And how often now that the kids are home? Find out more about Bathroom Cleaning here.

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