Baby Care by e-cloth Offers the Ultimate Peace of Mind

July 29, 2016

No doubt, if you’ve come across this blog post, you either already follow our blog (thank you!!) or because you’re expecting a baby, have recently had one (Congratulations!!) or know someone who is.

We are so thrilled to announce our brand new product line! Baby Care by e-cloth allows parents to create safe and healthy environments for their babies and kids using just e-cloth and water, which eliminates the dangers of household chemicals and disposable baby products resulting in your ultimate peace of mind in baby care, comfort and cleaning.

There are so many emotions surrounding the news of a new baby. From the excitement about guessing if it’ll be a girl or a boy, planning the nursery and making the registry. To the absolute, incomparable joy of the arrival of that little baby you’ve been admiring for the last 10 months. But there’s also a very real element of fear and worry. Parents have a natural instinct to protect their children fiercely in every aspect of their lives.


Unfortunately, it’s a scary world we live in and the dangers around us and our children can’t always be easily seen. Babies live in a world that is three feet lower than adults and they also have a habit of putting everything they touch into their mouths. What’s on those surfaces? The truth is you can’t be sure. It could be germs and bacteria or even residue from household cleaners you use to remove these things. The family pet also adds their own mix of fun – pet hair, pet dander, and drool just to name a few.  All of these things pose a very real danger to your child. Follow this link for some astonishing facts that we’ve uncovered.


Baby Care by e-cloth products were developed using the same thought process that has made e-cloth successful for 20 years. We focus on the cleaning tasks that are both most important and most challenging. What e-cloth does best is use our expertise in chemical-free cleaning to help you do what you do best: care for, comfort, and most importantly, protect your child.

Chemical-free & Reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit (13pc)
—  e-cloth Reusable Cloth Wipes clean with just water, 100% eliminating chemicals sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes and asthma associated with the use of chemical additives, fragrances and dyes.

Cloth Wipes provide a faster and better clean using just a cloth and water. Convenient carry pouch stores used Cloth Wipes and keeps separate for laundering. Cloth Wipes are reusable and guaranteed for 100 machine washes making them environmentally-friendly and more economical.
“MI* is now the most common cause of allergic contact dermatitis in our patient population.”
– Dr. Jennifer Cahill, Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc (Australia)
*MI = Methylisothiazolinone; most commonly found in traditional wet wipes


11005BHoodedTowelWhite2016.jpgLuxury Hooded Towel — With a sumptuous look and feel plus exceptional drying  performance, the Luxury Hooded Towel offers the next generation of towel technology. Your baby will enjoy the softness, while the fibers rapidly draw moisture for quicker and easier drying. No more crying after bathtime – a warm and cozy baby is a happy, smiling baby. High Performance drying combined with elegant luxury and a contemporary look. Uses Micro-dry technology for quick drying due to extra absorption.




Stroller.001Chemical-free Cleaning Stroller & Car Seat Cloth — e-cloth Chemical-free Cleaning Stroller & Car Seat Cloth cleans with just water, 100% eliminating chemicals sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes and asthma associated with the use of chemical additives, fragrances and dyes.

Unique weave easily cleans spills, food crumbs, dirt and grime from all car seat and stroller parts using just water. Chemical-free Cleaning Stroller & Car Seat Cloth removes crumbs and cleans spills quickly and effectively. Keeps messes and spills from becoming disasters. No chemical residues.
“Some cleaners can cause chemical burns and poisonings as well as less
severe irritations and allergies.”
 – Environmental Working Group (EWG)


Chemical-free Cleaning Toy & Nursery Cloth — e-cloth Chemical-free Cleaning Toy & Nursery Cloth cleans with just water, 100% eliminating chemicals sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes and asthma associated with the use of chemical additives, fragrances and dyes.

Extra thick and fluffy fibers easily reach into even the toughest crevices to remove drool, grime and hardened messes from all hard surfaces your baby comes in contact with like toys and nursery furniture. Perfect for cleaning teething toys. Safe for cleaning all toys. Leaves no chemical residues.
“Repeated exposure to chlorine bleach has been linked to respiratory damage and wheezing as well as nose and eye irritation. Bleach fumes consist of a complex mixture of toxic, carcinogenic and irritating gases, including chlorine, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride.”
– Environmental Working Group (EWG)


Visit us at to see a full listing of Baby Care by e-cloth products.



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