Convenience AND Performance: Floor Cleaning Just Got Easier

There are so many gimmicky products on the market that either sacrifice convenience or performance. Why can’t someone create a product that excels in both?  Introducing the Mini Deep Clean Mop. It has the same amazing cleaning power of the Deep Clean Mop, but is designed specifically for small or awkward spaces. The base is on a 360° swivel so it maneuvers into corners and around obstacles easily.  It is safe for all types of flooring and can transition between them effortlessly. The advanced fiber technology penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria much better than common mops – and it does it with just water! It’s safe and super lightweight and maneuverable which also allows your little ones to help out. Gone are the days of using “mystery” chemicals to push around dirt on your floors.

Read below to find out what Katie from A House with Character and her daughter think about the Mini Deep Clean Mop.


I am really in love with this new mini mop from e-cloth. It is incredibly lightweight and easy to grab when my daughter (or husband) inevitably spills something several times a day.


The mop transitions easily from the tile in our kitchen and bathroom to the hardwood floors in the rest of the house.


E-cloth offers a variety of products for home, auto, and pet care. Their products use only water and when a cloth gets grimy, I simply throw it in the washing machine.





The mop head seems to do a great job of picking up dust and sticky toddler substances like fruit snack residue from my floors.



So if it uses only water, how does it truly clean? (That was my question.)

Here is the response: e-cloths remove over 99 percent of bacteria. They have been tested by an internationally recognized microbiology laboratory All have been shown to remove more than 99 percent of bacteria, including e-coli, listeria, and more. Click Here for more information. Additionally, because the cloths do not leave any residue on the cleaned surface, there is nothing left behind to encourage the development of bacteria.





If you want to learn more about e-cloth products, you can sign up for emails by visiting them here. They promise to only send emails a couple times a month to let readers know about promotions and you can opt out at any time.

PLEASE NOTE:  Katie was one of our original testers and we had brought in product from the UK to test in the US.  The packaging and product shown are the UK versions.  The Mini Deep Clean Mop Head has since been changed to the same blue color as the Deep Clean Mop, a much better color to clean with.

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