e-cloth’s Spring Cleaning Favorites

Spring Cleaning is a hot topic right now. Whether you’re a natural clean-freak or struggle to clean on a regular basis, you’re most likely doing some sort of spring cleaning. Suzi at Gurlgonegreen, a blog “that was birthed out of a strong passion to let others know you can lead a green life, and not compromise style, beauty, and functional living” recently tried e-cloth’s Glass & Polishing Cloth, Washing Up Pad and Stainless Steel Cloth.
Read on to see what Suzi thought of e-cloth. Hint: She named them three of her top household cleaning products. 



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I’ve had a lot of people recently ask what I use to clean my house with.  It may be because spring is here, and spring cleaning is looming over everyone’s head.  I must say I’m a clean freak by nature.  Ask my family, they’ll tell you-I can be a little OCD!  Oh well, my house is clean.  The spring cleaning bug has definitely bit me.  I’ve been de-cluttering our place like crazy!  My motto: If it doesn’t serve a purpose, toss it.  Let’s just say I’ve given away loads of “stuff” these past several weeks and it feels so good.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I thought I would share with you my top household product picks.  Everything from laundry soap, window cleaner, bleach alternative…well, you get the point.  I’ve compiled this list after over 5 years of testing out natural DIY’s, products and everything in between.  I finally feel my list meets my standards and is worth sharing.  I mean do you know how many laundry soaps I’ve tried in 5 years?!  I think I know every DIY recipe out there.  I literally changed mine every couple of months.

Oh and you all must know how toxic cleaning products are…if you don’t, trust me when I say you don’t want them in your house!  Some of the most toxic ingredients live inside those bottles, and they’re horrible for you to breathe, touch and have around if you have kiddos in the house.  Half the products now are loaded with so much fragrance to mask their smell that it practically knocks you off your feet!  Artificial fragrance, in my opinion, is one of the worst things-I can smell it a mile away.

So I’ve compiled my little household list for a non-toxic/clean home.  Trust me, you won’t even miss your old stuff!

Household Product Faves:


I wanted to give a brief introduction about e-cloth before I continue sharing their products.  The basis of e-cloth is that it offers a chemical free cleaning experience using only water.  It does this through micro fiber technology, proprietary equipment, and manufacturing techniques.  I love their mission:

“Our aim is to supply the most effective, healthiest and most environmentally friendly cleaning products available at a good value to the consumer.”

*Also, with many companies on the market offering similar microfiber cloths and products, learn why I chose e-cloth here.

Washing Up Pad for Kitchen/Bathroom

Where has this been all my life?!  No really, I’ve struggled to find something that not only cleaned my dishes, but wasn’t a scotch brite pad that smelled like chemicals.  Not to mention, I wanted something I could re-use and not throw away all the time.  Well, the e-cloth Washing Up Pad came into my life, and has rocked my world!  The gray side of the pad is for scrubbing stuck on food, and the other side is smooth and cuts through grease and grime.  It’s made from cloth, versus some weird chemical smelling sponge material.  The best part?!  You just throw it in the washer when you need to clean it.  Hello, how cool is that?  Not only does this sponge work like a charm on all my tough dirty dishes, but it saves me money and is environmentally friendly.  A win/win in my book!  Get two, so you have one for when your washing the other one.  $5.99


e-cloth Stainless Steel Cloth and Glass Polishing Cloth- Kitchen/Windows/Mirrors

This cloth has been another winner from e-cloth.  One side is more grainy and perfect for getting rid of residue, while the other side is smooth for polishing.  Both sides remove 99% of bacteria just using water-I love it!  I just spray some water onto the stainless steel, then use the grainy side to remove any residue(make sure you go in the direction of your grain so you don’t scratch anything).  Then I would use the smooth side to polish.  It did clean my stainless steel well, but it didn’t leave it sparkling like I wanted.  I contacted e-cloth and asked what the solution might be to get the “sparkle” effect.  They recommended the Glass and Polishing Cloth.  So I got that, gave it a try, and bam-my stainless steel sparkled like new!  The best part is it not only works for shining up stainless steel, but also for cleaning windows and mirrors.  I would spray a little water onto my window or mirror and wipe away.  No streaky residue.  Are you hearing me people?!  There was absolutely no chemical used to clean my stainless steel, windows or mirrors!  Let’s just say I struck gold.  I also used the Stainless Steel Cloth to clean my granite counters, and my countertops never shined brighter.  I highly recommend these two products.  They tackle so many cleaning jobs with no chemicals.  Plus, no paper towel was wasted, just wash and re-use!  Get them, you’ll love them.  Both $7.99


You can find Suzi’s full blog post here.

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