e-cloth’s Top Earth Day Cleaning Products

Earth Day is a day to recognize the importance of the natural resources we have by putting into motion plans and activities that will preserve and protect the Earth. Earth Day wasn’t enough for e-cloth so we’ve been celebrating all week the ways e-cloth products help prevent waste and eliminating the need for cleaning chemicals.

e-cloth’s unique assortment of high-performing task-specific cleaning cloths make cleaning tasks a breeze, and make preserving the planet a nice bonus!

This is how e-cloth celebrates Earth Day! Below we’ve chosen some of our favorite Earth-preserving products and what bloggers are saying about them. We’ll let them tell you why they love and continue to use e-cloth:

image Stainless Steel Pack –“I cannot tell you how many times I have tried different sprays, powders, lotions and potions to get my mom’s refrigerator and other kitchen appliances not only CLEAN, but streak-free. That is the biggest issue. The streaks. Although they are very sleek and modern looking, stainless steel appliances collect grime and fingerprints super easily. …I could not believe how easy it was to get these items clean and without the use of the pile of cleaners that I was convinced were necessary!” – Charlise, The Crunchy Family


Washing Up Pad — “The Washing Up Pad is perfect for my dishes. image
There isn’t a dirty dish that the e-cloth Washing Up Pad can’t get clean.  I’m amazed just how powerful it is without any soap!  It really is amazing!” -Heather, Here We Go Again, Ready





10615W-Window-Cleaning-PackWindow Pack — “I was impressed that the cloths cleaned so thoroughly without the use of any cleaning solutions. The cloths don’t leave behind any lint or streaky residue that can occur from using regular towels.” -Katie, Green Scene Mom 





Kitchen Cloth — “As I work to reduce the chemical load in my home,
I’m constantly 10601S-Kitchen-Clothsearching for replacement products for household cleaners….I couldn’t believe how well I cleaned my stove top with just warm water and the Kitchen Cloth. That little scrubbing corner lifted up food and grime right off my stove like it was nothing.” – Abigail, The Bombshell Mommy  





10602RP - GP Cloth Raspberry.pngGeneral Purpose Cloth — “No throwing things away, no soap, and honestly everything gets stupid shiny clean in a way I didn’t realize was possible with paper towels…Next time you buy paper towels, look at how much you are spending on keeping a tyrannical cleaning product in power. That is when you will appreciate an e-cloth that lasts years…” – Paul, Insignificant But With Purpose  



Glass & Polishing Cloth — “Another great use for this product is in the car.  I am always 10603AB G&P Cloth Alaskan Blue.pngstruggling with cleaning the inside of my windshield, which tends to be a streaky mess. When I drive into the sun in the mornings, I get so frustrated. The e-cloth has been a nice way to get the windshield clean without having to resort to a variety of cleaners and wipes.” – Marysa, A Nation of Moms 



10620-Deep-Clean-MopDeep Clean Mop — “You get a nice cleaning path with this wide base and with the swivel, you can mop fairly quickly so you can save a few chore minutes. I intended to do two floors the first test, but it was so quick that I did four. Because it’s so light, you don’t need a lot of effort to move it around.”  – Mariette,




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