Earth-Friendly Spring Cleaning

April 05, 2017

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April brings with it many exciting things. It means spring, warmer weather, longer days… and Earth Day! Earth Day is our favorite day of the year and we’re celebrating all month long.

With Spring, comes Spring Cleaning. Some people love it, some people hate it…but it is an annual ritual of ridding winter once and for all. Below are six ways to protect the Earth while properly ushering in Spring with a little Cleaning.

1. Create less waste — Using reusable products (like e-cloth!) help prevent tons of waste, literally TONS of waste, from ending up in landfills. Americans use and discard over 3,000 tons of paper towels every. single. day! This doesn’t even include the waste from cleaning product packaging and other disposable products.

2. and 3. Eliminate toxic air and environmental contamination — By eliminating chemical cleaners, you’ll keep your indoor air cleaner (which is estimated to be 3-5 times more contaminated than outdoor air), and you’ll help keep chemicals out of the environment. Contamination of indoor air has the potential to contaminate outdoor air. It is easily released into the atmosphere “contribut[ing] to smog formation in outdoor air” and “released to the environment during normal use through evaporation of volatile components and rinsing down the drain of residual product from cleaned surfaces, sponges, etc.” (EPA 
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4. Reduce clutter 
 – Reduce clutter throughout your home by separating out items you will no longer use
 – Consider ways you might be able to Repurpose some of these items
 – Donate unwanted stuff rather than tossing it into the trash

5. Keep windows clean and streak-free — Clean, streak-free windows let in more light. More light means a warmer home and less need for electricity. (It’s still a little chilly in Spring.) Plus, more light means a happier family. 

6. Clean for energy efficiency — Focus cleaning tasks on ways to make appliances more efficient like:
  – dusting off refrigerator coils and clean underneath 
  – cleaning out the dryer vent and lint trap
  – clean out the microwave (those food bits get heated up every time you use it, requiring more energy)

We invite you to join us in celebrating Earth Day! If you’re planning on cleaning greener this month, please feel free to share this badge on social media. Make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #eclothEarthDay
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