How to Clean Your Outdoor Spaces

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Summer is the time for living outside and gathering on decks, patios and other outdoor spaces for good times with good company. But they definitely take a beating from the elements and just general use. The same cloths you use inside can be used outside to make your space clean and inviting.  e-cloths are the perfect tools for your outdoor spaces as well!

I thought it would be fun to see how my colleagues clean their outdoor spaces. Keep reading below to see how your e-cloth team uses the products to clean their summertime hangouts.

  1. Patio furniture – “We have a nice large metal dining set with a glass table on our
    e-cloth General Purpose Cloth, general cleaning, chemical-free
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    patio. It looks beautiful and hosts lots of friends and family, but it collects pollen, dirt and fingerprints so easily! A few times each summer, I just fill a small bucket with water, grab a General Purpose Cloth (I use the orange one – orange for outside!) and start cleaning. It takes me just a few minutes. I also use the General Purpose Cloth damp to wipe off the cushions. But my favorite part is using the Glass & Polishing Cloth to add this amazing shine to the glass tabletop! People comment on it all the time!” – Lisa, Marketing & Sales Rep

  2. Kiddie pools – “I don’t want my kids swimming in a funky, filmy pool, so after I drain it, I use my Cleaning Pad to wipe away water and dirt that would normally collect on the surface. It’s super absorbent so it gets into those bumps and crevices and just pulls the water and gunk right out. No more gross pool!” – Me (Laura, Marketing)
  3. Grills – “I use my grill several times a week in the summer. Nothing gets it cleaner than a combination of our Range & Stovetop Cloth and Universal Stone. After waiting for the grates to cool, I usually clean them off with the Range & Stovetop Cloth. The burnt-on mess just crumbles off by the scrubbing stripes. If it’s a particularly messy meal, I’ll follow that up with the Universal Stone to clean all of the surfaces. And that way, the grill is nice and clean for the next use. I also do this routine at the end of the season to keep my grill in tip-top shape for the next year.” – Dennis, Customer Service

    Universal Stone, e-cloth, chemical-free cleaning, non-toxic
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  4. Outdoor kitchens – “We built an outdoor kitchen last year and it’s gorgeous! But it takes a little work to keep it that way. We keep a second set of cleaning cloths in a drawer so that we can just pull them out at the end of the night and clean. We use a Kitchen Cloth to clean off the countertops because of the scrubbing pocket – it definitely comes in handy! The appliances are all stainless steel so a Stainless Steel Cloth is a must. And when the cooktop is cool, we wipe it down with a Range & Stovetop Cloth. It takes us only a few minutes to clean up, and then we have the rest of the evening to enjoy our company!” – Al, President & CEO
  5. Wooden decks and stone patios – “We recently refinished out deck and painted it
    e-cloth floor cleaning, Mini Deep Clean Mop, chemical-free, non-toxic
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    this beautiful cordovan brown.  It looked perfect until we tracked footprints across it.  The Mini Deep Clean Mop did a great job for a quick touch up with company coming.” – Scott, Director of Business Intelligence

  6. Umbrellas – “I don’t usually spend a lot of time on the umbrellas, but at the end of the season I like to clean off all of the crud and dirt that has accumulated. What I found works best is a Non-Scratch Scrubbing Pad. It’s non-abrasive and won’t pull at the fabric, but scrubs deep into the fibers to get them clean.” – Brendan, Customer Service
  7. Outside windows – It was pretty unanimous that our favorite product is the Window Pack. It’s something we all use regularly so that we can look out on our outdoor spaces from time to time and just enjoy the view. It cuts through the dirt and polishes windows without streaks so nothing gets in the way!

    e-cloth Window Pack, window cleaning, chemical-free cleaning, non-toxic
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Do you use e-cloth to clean your outdoor spaces? Tell us how in the Comments section! To shop these products, click the product name above or log onto

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