How To Easily Remove Pet Hair

When we had a dog, trying to keep my house free of hair was a daily battle. I mean, the hair was everywhere. Still to this day we find his hair on clothes that we’ve passed down from our first son to the second. (Insert tears here I still miss that dog!) For most pet owners, this is a regular battle. Those tumbleweeds get into the sneakiest places. Keep reading below to see how Emily at The Innovative Mama solves this problem.


Product Review: E-Cloth Floor and Wall Duster


We have a rat terrier, who while is an adorable and awesome dog, also sheds. A lot. His white hairs are sneaky… they slowly accumulate until you eventually see little white hairballs in corners. Or you sit on what looks like a perfectly harmless couch in your black pants and when you stand up, your black pants are now practically white.

While busy with an almost 4-month-old, it’s hard to keep up with the housework. So sometimes I don’t realize how bad it’s getting until those little white hairballs start to accumulate in corners.

In a home with hardwood floors, there’s nowhere for those hairballs and dust to go but in the corners and under the furniture. So it looks harmless enough until you actually sweep and realize that the clean appearance of your hardwood floors is really quite deceiving. And there’s some places that a broom just won’t get to.




So when I was offered to test out the E-Cloth Flexi-Edge Floor and Wall Duster and review it, I knew exactly how it would come in handy… dusting the floor. Namely, harder to reach places that a broom can’t get to, like under the couch where I just envision the hairballs becoming out of control little monsters, waiting to attack!


The other thing that appealed to me about trying out E-Cloth is the eco-friendly aspect. Big Poppa and I just watched the documentary The Human Experiment about all of the chemicals in our homes and in childrens’ toys and products that could slowly be harming our health and killing us. It’s horrifying to think of all the products on the shelves that there are no restrictions on, chemicals in cleaning products that we have no education on, that are affecting us and more importantly, our children. To think of what my baby might touch on the floor and then put her little hand in her mouth, what she could be ingesting that I am not even aware of… it scares me for her. So I’d rather use something like the E-Cloth and feel at least a little better about the environment my baby girl grows up in. Every parent should watch this documentary. It’s important to educate yourself on what’s around you.

E-Cloth boasts cleaner floors in less time. I will agree with this as I can easily run it through the house while Baby N naps. Vacuuming while she naps is out of the question. Sweeping might not take a terribly long time but it definitely takes a little more time. Besides, I can’t catch everything with a broom like I can the E-Cloth, like I mentioned before.

E-Cloth also claims a 100 wash guarantee for long-lasting products. And that is environmentally beneficial with significantly less waste than disposable cloths.

Added environmental benefits are that you can just add water to reduce the need for chemicals.

I am glad I took the opportunity to review this product. I like it and will continue to use it. I suggest you do too!


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