Is it a Blanket? Is it a Towel? You be the judge.

What is the worst part of bathtime? It’s not the cute little one splish-splashing, or the bubbles fizzing or the happy giggles. It’s when you take the little one out of the bath and they scream because they don’t want to be cold. And who could blame them?

Baby Care by e-cloth has the solution: the Luxury Hooded Towel! The Towel uses a specialized Micro-Dry technology that dries four times faster and absorbs four times the water of regular cotton towels. That makes for a happy, comfy baby!

Meghan Edmonds, who you might know from Real Housewives of Orange County, recently tried out the Luxury Hooded Towel with her beautiful baby girl. Please continue reading to find out it has changed bathtime in her house.

The following is a repost from the blog, Celebrity Baby Trends, and written by contributor Meghan King Edmonds. We have reposted it here with express permission. You can find the original post here

#MeghansMustHaves: Luxe Hooded Towels With Micro-Dry Technology

The worst part about bath time is getting out.  Aspen gets so cold!  I’ve resorted to putting a little heater in the bathroom just so she doesn’t cry because she’s cold, and this is after she’s wrapped snug as a bug in a hooded towel.  I thought all towels were the same until now.

The Baby Care by e-cloth Luxury Hooded Towel is the next generation of towel technology.  First of all I don’t have to worry about it “shedding” like other towels because it’s made of microfiber.  These fibers dry Aspen in no time flat by wicking away her wetness but not “feeling wet” like regular towels.  I can usually get about 30 seconds out of a regular towel before she starts crying from feeling cold from her towel and then I have to wrap her in a dry blanket: the e-cloth towel is a one stop shop! A towel and blanket wrapped in one with exceptional drying performance with a sumptuous look and feel.

Product Features + Benefits:

  • Baby Soft Material
  • Rapidly draws moisture away from the child four times faster than cotton
  • Hold nearly four times more water than cotton towels
  • Reduced dampness makes babies feel dryer and warmer – this makes them much happier than a wet cotton towel
  • Dimensions 29.5″ x 29.5″

Learn more about it here Baby Care by e-cloth Luxury Hooded Towel

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