Lessons You Never Wanted to Learn About Cleaning a.k.a Life with Children

lessons you never wanted to learn about cleaning, cleaning tips, kid messes
Kids make some of the most ‘creative’ messes. Just when you think you’re done cleaning up, you turn around and there’s another mess. Move from room to room throughout the house and I’ll bet there’s a friendly little reminder of the joys of childhood.

We came up with the most common, most creative and frustrating kid messes and a personal e-cloth solution for each.

(This is just a tiny sampling of the hundreds of epic disasters you’ve
shared with us
. We Invite you to Share your best (worst?) kid messes with us
on social media using #eclothkidmesses and you could win some e-cloths.
Keep reading to the bottom for all of the details.)

  1. Artwork on the wall — If you’ve ever tried to get crayon off the wall, you know it’s not easy and probably drives you to the brink of tears. We have a better alternative to those tears — the General Purpose Cloth (lilac) which comes in our Home Starter Set! (Hang onto those other two cloths because you’ll need them later – see #3.) With just a little water, your walls will be blank canvases again in no time. And it won’t strip the paint. Then you can move on to whatever mess they’ve made in the meantime.
    kid messes, crayon on the wall, cleaning tips, chemical-free
  2. Crying over Spilt Milk — It’s probably the 400th time that week, but there’s another spilled cup of milk. On the table. Sneaking through the cracks between the table leaf. Dripping into a puddle on the floor. Milk is sticky and stinky if you don’t get it all, but we don’t have to tell you that do we? You’re going to need to pull out the big guns for this one.
    – Grab your Kitchen Cloth to handle the mess on the table and between the leaves.
    – The Aqua Spray Mop – because the water is already in it from earlier that day – will take care of the stuff on the floor.
  3. Toothpaste — Globs on the sink and countertops. Splatters on the mirror. Drips
    Home Starter Set, clean chemical-free
    Chemical-free Cleaning Home Starter Set

    on the cabinets. Blobs on the floor. Pretty much everywhere. The Bathroom Cloth and Glass & Polishing Cloth in the Home Starter Set are your weapons of choice for this one. The Bathroom Cloth (blue) will clean the surfaces which you can then polish right up with the Glass & Polishing Cloth (tan). Depending on how big the floor mess is, you may want to bring in the Mini Deep Clean Mop. (Note: Rinse out the Bathroom Cloth right away and really well after cleaning up toothpaste – it tends to stain.)

  4. Mud — You’re a good mom. Even though you hate messes, you wanted to give your kids the ultimate “kid experience” of plodding in mud puddles after the rain. Seems perfectly sane. Then you realize it too late because here they come – with the dog right behind them. Your best bet is to work from top to bottom on this one.
    – A wet General Purpose Cloth will take care of the walls safely – you won’t strip the paint.  You can also use it to wipe the muddy water smears off the front and top of the washing machine.
    – The Aqua Spray Mop is still probably out from the earlier milk spill, so just re-wet the Mop Head and start mopping up the mud.

    messy child mud kid messes.jpg
    Image credit: Pixabay

  5. Kid covered in peanut butter, or butter, or syrup [or insert your favorite sticky, oily mess here] — Whether at home or on the go, your little one probably didn’t eat that meal mess-free. In fact, it probably looks like they used a paintbrush instead of a fork. Our Reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit is perfect to take care of these messes. You may have to use all 10 Cloth Wipes, but that’s why you have them.
    kid messes, messy baby, cleaning, chemical-free, reusable cloth baby wipes
    Because we know how many times you’ve had to clean today, we’re going to do a giveaway! Share your kid messes with us on Instagram using #eclothkidmesses and we’ll randomly select one of you to win a Home Starter Set. It has what you need to clean these creative messes safely, quickly and efficiently so you have enough time maybe intercept the next mess. Contest starts Thursday 8/17/17 and ends 11:59 pm EST on 8/24/17. Winner will be announced on Friday, 8/25/17.

Happy Cleaning!!

lessons you never wanted to learn about cleaning, cleaning tips, kid messes

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