Simplified Cleaning Project: Cleaning Out the Fridge

From one mom to another, a word of advice.  You don’t have to wait until the shelves have things growing on them and there is that funky smell when you open the door to clean out the fridge. Taking everything out, getting rid of expired and questionable food, and quickly wiping down everything may seem daunting, but with an e-cloth it becomes a much more manageable task.

Simplify the way you clean with e-cloth. 

Suggested Tools
Glass & Polishing Cloth  — Make it fun by using your favorite color – we have plenty to choose from.
– For extra scrubbing power and to easily remove crumbs and stubborn messes, have the Kitchen Dynamo handy
– Spray bottle


Time Requirement
Depending on the…ahem…condition of your refrigerator, you’ll want to set aside anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.


Get Started
1. Remove everything from the fridge so there are no obstacles. (Take this time to throw out expired food.)
2. Remove drawers and shelves and set aside.
3. Spray refrigerator surfaces with water and wipe away film, residue with a damp General Purpose Cloth or Kitchen Dynamo … Dry the surfaces with a dry Glass & Polishing Cloth
4. Repeat on drawers and shelves.
5. Put everything back in and bask in the light that you can see again in the back of the fridge and enjoy the sense of accomplished in no time!


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