Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Your Windows

What are you using to clean your windows?

e-cloth prides itself on chemical-free cleaning with just water and high-performing cleaning products that solve your biggest cleaning challenges. Spring cleaning has begun and you know that one of the toughest jobs is cleaning the WINDOWS.
[insert groaning here]

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What makes window cleaning such a chore is that people use the wrong tools. But what if there was something that would actually make window cleaning quicker and easier? Your cleaning prayers have been answered: e-cloth cleans better than traditional methods using just water and a cloth, saving both time and money. Forget the endless rolls of paper towels and chemical window cleaner. e-cloth’s Window Pack is a customer favorite because it cleans windows thoroughly and easily leaving them streak-free, smear-free and lint-free. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.

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The Window Pack includes a Window Cleaning Cloth and a Glass & Polishing Cloth. The Window Cloth’s fiber construction and waffle weave texture penetrate and remove dirt, grease, oil, grime and over 99% of bacteria with just water. The Glass & Polishing Cloth, used dry, dries glass to a perfect streak-free, watermark-free polished finish. And, the Window Pack is guaranteed for 300 machine washes!10615W-Window-Cleaning-Pack.jpg

How to Clean Windows the e-cloth way:
1) Wet the Window Cloth and wring out excess water.
2) Starting at the top of the window, wipe the surface in an S-pattern all the way to the
3) Use the Glass & Polishing Cloth dry to wipe away remaining moisture for sparkling,
polished glass.
4) Continue throughout the house as needed

It really is that easy. There are no more excuses to keep putting it off. It’s time to put
e-cloth’s Window Pack to work and start cleaning your windows in seconds!

So, we’ll ask you again: What are you using to clean your windows?

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