“Stinky Dog Smell Gone – I am Seriously Impressed!”

When e-cloth is introducing a new product, we ask ourselves three questions:  1) Does it perform better than what is already in the marketplace?  2) Does it make our life easier when we use it? and 3) Does it live up to our Chemical-free Cleaning promise of making products that are safer and healthier for families? This includes family pets. Pet Care by e-cloth is a premium assortment of cleaning, bathing and drying products that make pet care easier, less messy and healthier. 

We take great joy in getting customer feedback like this one that we recently got from a happy customer on Instagram and we wanted to share her comments and picture with you.

“Only drawback to this cleaning and bathing mitt from @eclothusa is that the Turd thinks it’s a toy… It’s no toy, this is one serious pet cleaning tool! Just cleaned her without water. Stinky dog smell gone. … I was seriously impressed today with how that took the stink off of her with no soap or water. We use it to dry her off after training in the lake, too. Haven’t given her a “real” bath in a very long time and so glad we don’t need to. Want to keep those natural oils on her coat and keep her (sort of) waterproof for hunting!”


The dual sided Cleaning & Bathing Mitt is designed to quickly remove dirt, bacteria and moisture while providing a gentle massaging action, leaving your pet’s fur shiny and clean. The versatile Mitt’s short pile side removes dirt while the fronded side is great for drying. Its high-capacity and rapid absorption make it perfect for drying soggy moggy, dripping doggy. No more funky dog stink! (And, as with most e-cloths, the Cleaning & Bathing Mitt is guaranteed for 300 machine washes.)

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