The Best End-of-Year Teacher Gift Hands Down + Classroom Donation

April 11, 2018

We recently received the following question and got inspired by its sheer genius!kids on ipads genius teacher gifts end of year appreciation

“I am a librarian at an elementary school and for technology the students use iPads. Over the course of a day each iPad is used by 6 students. Currently there is nothing done to clean them. They are pretty gross and I am sure festering with disease ;). What would you recommend?”

The school year is rapidly winding down. In no time your kids will be home for summer and no doubt telling you at 9:00 am (for the 400th time since 8:00 am) that they’re hungry…kid eating watermelon summer is coming teacher appreciation.jpg

Before the joys of summer fall upon you, the need to come up with that perfect gift that somehow expresses just how much you appreciate these people who have taken on your children throughout the year and educated them in more ways than you can list. What says “thank you” on that many levels?

We have a great suggestion for you! It’s simple, unconventional and, yet incredibly practical.

Help those amazing teachers keep their classrooms a little healthier with a stash of our Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloths. The clincher? They’re a super reasonable price point – just $3.99!

10625-Personal Electronics Cleaning ClothGreen.jpg

  • This little powerhouse removes over 99% of bacteria from devices keeping germs at bay from one use to the next
  • It removes smears, fingerprints, makeup, oils, grease, grime, and dirt, while protecting the protective coatings

We’ll bet that these little thoughtful gifts will be very much appreciated. And for more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board for creative ways to incorporate the Cloth.

Does your child have THE BEST TEACHER!? If you think so, comment below letting us know why. We’ll choose our favorite answer and donate 10 Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloths to that classroom! [Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, April 25 11:59 pm EST.]best teacher classroom donation.png

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