The Holy Grail of Clean Windows

streak-free, spotless window cleaning solutions with e-cloth in time for spring cleaning

I’m ashamed to say that those images (below) are my windows right now. I won’t tell you how long they’ve looked like that, but let’s just say, there were days when we thought we got a lot more snow than we actually did…

clean dirty windows with e-cloth for streak-free glass
clean dirty windows with e-cloth for streak-free glassSo this post is as much inspiration for me and I hope it is for you. I’ll be taking my own advice and cleaning with these guys this week.

This year for Spring Cleaning we’re focusing on windows because cleaning windows is a top priority, but it’s also a dreaded chore. For many years it has been a myth that you could actually clean windows easily and get perfect results.  It has been a daunting task, but we’re here to shatter that myth and help you reach the holy grail of clean windows! No more newsprint, lemon juice, cheese cloth, or any of those other old wive’s tale solutions.  Reclaim your Spring with these window cleaning solutions! 

e-cloth gives you streak-free, spotless windows for spring cleaning
Top to bottom, L-R: Window Pack, Glass & Polishing Cloth, Window Genie, Window Dynamo

Why e-cloth?
1. No streaks!
2. No filmy residues!
3. No chemicals – just simple, clean water!
4. Forget the rolls and rolls of paper towels. Good for your wallet and for the environment.
5. Quick and easy cleaning!
6. Results! e-cloth gives you windows so clean you don’t even realize they’re there.

Have you started Spring Cleaning? What is your top priority? Share your experiences with us in the Comments below.

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