The Top 6 Things to Look for in a Cleaning Product

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e-cloth conducted a survey in 2016 to find out what was the reason people bought and used cleaning products. The results showed that the 6 reasons listed below were the top priorities for the folks surveyed. What is your top priority?

  1. High-performance — The most important thing people want in a cleaning product seems the most obvious, but it’s not always the easiest thing to find. We want the product to work – and work EASILY! At the very least, the product should work how it is advertised to work. Sadly, not all products deliver on those promises.
    What to look for: Your cleaning products should exceed your expectations.
    cleaning products that work
  2. Bacteria removal — The thought of bacteria proliferating on the surfaces of our homes is just plain gross. Most of us try not to think about it. But, it’s there; and it’s multiplying. (Raise your hand if you just reached for your e-cloths.) When cleaning, we are trying to get the obvious dirt and dust AND the hidden bacteria.
    – Don’t settle for products that leave bacterial residues which cause more bacteria growth.
    – For traditional disinfectants to be effective, they need to sit on the surface for 10 minutes or more. Do you have time to sit around and wait for that?  Will your children stay away from that toxic mess while it does it’s job?
    What to look for: Your cleaning products should remove over 99% of bacteria and keep you safe while doing it.
  3. Health and safety — We clean our homes because a clean home makes us happy.  In addition, we clean our homes to make them safe places to raise our families. It’s not safe for children to grow up in a home that is dirty. They shouldn’t grow up in a home where they breathe in contaminated air and touch surfaces that are covered with toxins.
    What to look for: Your cleaning products should be chemical-free; the best ones (hint, hint) clean with just water.
    cleaning products that are safe and healthy for you and your family
  4. Time savings — For the vast majority of us, cleaning is not a fun chore, but a necessary evil. The quicker the boxes on the to-do list get checked, the better. If you have young children know how difficult it is to even set aside time to think about cleaning. Cleaning needs to be quick and effective so we can get back to making memories. (Or making dinner…whichever comes first.)
    What to look for: Your cleaning products should allow you to clean in just minutes.
    cleaning products that save you time, more time for memories
  5. Reusable — One of my pet peeves is waste. Americans toss 3,000 tons of paper towels Every Single Day And that’s just paper towels. Imagine the amount of disposable cleaning products that are sent to landfills on a daily basis. No, those disposable cleaning products just don’t cut it in our home.
    What to look for: Insist on products that are high-quality and reusable. And, over time, this will help with money savings as well. (See below)
    cleaning products that are reusable, eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly
  6. Money Savings — There are so many things you’d probably rather spend money on than cleaning supplies! Plain and simple.  Imagine if there was a product that you could buy today and then buy again six years from now…
    What to look for:  Your cleaning products should fit your budget but that also meet — or exceed — your expectations. (See above)
    This is a great time to mention that e-cloth has ALL of these. It checks all the boxes. That means you no longer have to settle for using a product that meets only a few of your criteria. No more trying numerous products until you find just the right one.  The choice is clear – e-cloth has it all!
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