The Truth About Dust

Dusting is up there with the most hated cleaning chores and it’s easy to understand why. It can be tedious and time consuming. In fact, according to a 2012 3M study, 28 percent of homeowners would rather dust real quick with a swipe of their hand before guests come over rather than actually dusting. But if you’re overwhelmed with dust on your home’s hard surfaces or you’re tired of pet hair tumbleweeds blowing across the floor, this post is for you!

The Truth About Dusting.png

After reading that, not dusting isn’t a viable option. And with the wrong tools, you may actually be making the problem worse by just spreading dust around. Fortunately, e-cloth has a full line of Dusting tools that clean more effectively and make the task easier and quicker throughout the entire house. We have products for:
– General dusting/horizontal surfaces
– Floors, baseboards and ceilings
– Awkward spaces

Here are two of our favorites:10641-flexi-edge-floor-wall-duster-hires

  1. Clean baseboards and crown molding with the Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall DusterHere’s why: Removes dust, dirt, hair, cobwebs and allergens from floors, walls and ceilings because the Flexi-edges clean into corners, baseboards and easily around legs to chairs, tables and any other furniture
  2. Use just one cloth for all hand dusting with the High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth10619s-high-performance-dusting-cloth
    Here’s why:  This multi-tasking cloth extra long microscopic textured fibers draw in  and ho
    ld dust, pollen, dirt, grease, oil. It coaxes dust and grime from nooks and crannies that normal cloths cannot reach. It can also be used damp to remove stubborn thick dust.




Now there are no more excuses about dusting. Stop living the lie: You don’t have to pretend anymore that your house is always clean and dusted because e-cloth makes it a reality.10607-Dusting Cloths P.jpg

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