The Versatility of e-cloth’s Car Interior Protector

Hi everyone.
My name is Laura and I am in the marketing department here at e-cloth. I wanted to introduce myself because sometimes you’ll see “I” and “me” on our blog — that’s me! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing our blog with you.

One of the things that makes e-cloth exceptional — in addition to its amazing performance, of course — is how versatile the products are. Let me explain.

Sadly, I don’t have a pet anymore, so my Pet Care by e-cloth Car Interior Protector was just sitting on a shelf in the garage.

70605 - Car Interior  Protector.jpg

My boys love to have picnics in the yard when the weather is nice but we don’t have a nice, thick blanket to sit on. We’ve lined up towels side-by-side but end up with grass everywhere. We’ve used flimsy old sheets but when the grass is damp, this is just…messy. One day while preparing our picnic lunch, I had an (genius) idea to use the Car Interior Protector as our blanket. And why not? The hard-wearing material ensured that no grass was going to get in our food; and it’s waterproof so nothing — and no one– is getting wet.  What’s more, we all fit on it nicely with room to spare. It might sound crazy, but it’s the perfect solution. We’ll be out there again soon!

The Car Interior Protector is actually on SALE right now (read: very deep discount). If you need a new picnic blanket — or would like to use it for its intended purpose: protecting the rear of your car, upholstery and carpets from pet claws and preventing them from becoming wet or stained — act fast or it will be gone forever. 

The Car Interior Protector used for its intended purpose.

What are your favorite “non-traditional” uses for e-cloth? Leave us a comment below -we’d love to hear from you.


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