What Is Your Cleaning Personality?

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Everyone’s cleaning style is different. Whether it’s because of schedules, motivation (or lack thereof) or even personality, when and how you clean your home is a matter of lifestyle and priorities.

There are many different cleaning personalities. Each one has its merits, but it may be that one works better for you than another. And that’s ok! Decide which profile best suits your motivation…er…lifestyle by answering the questions with each cleaning personality below. Then look at the e-cloth assortments we’ve customized to fit your cleaning lifestyle.

  1. Saturday Scourer
    Q1: Do you work all week and just don’t find time to get housework done during the week?
    Q2: Are your Saturday mornings spent cleaning your home?
    Q3:Then you might be a Saturday Scourer. If this sounds like you, you will love the Home Cleaning Set. Even though you’ve set aside your Saturday for cleaning, you don’t actually want to give up the whole day. This set allows you to clean your home top to bottom quickly but effectively.
  2. Domestic CEO
    Q1: Do you have a set time each day to clean and straighten up?
    Q2: Do you have a checklist of cleaning tasks to complete each day?
    Q3: Doyou divide and conquer by spreading out chores throughout the week?Then you might be Daily Domestic. If this sounds like you, you’ll love the Complete Home Care Set. It has every e-cloth you’ll need to check those boxes on your to-do list from cleaning the floors and scouring the bathroom to dusting and polishing stainless steel.10869-complete-home-care-set
  3. Company Cleaner (aka Living the Lie)
    Q1: Does the thought of someone dropping in unannounced stress you out?
    Q2: Do the words “I’m stopping by” throw you into a panic?
    Q3: Do you typically only clean when you know you’ll have company?
    If this sounds like you, you could be a Company Cleaner. Your home is cleanest (or in some cases “ONLY” clean) when you know people are coming over. And you’re in luck because we’ve put together a few essentials that will clean up your main living spaces in the blink of an eye: Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster, High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth and Glass & Polishing Cloth.
    The Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster quickly removes dust and debris from floors and baseboards
    Quickly dust surfaces with the High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth to remove unwanted dust
    The Glass & Polishing Cloth shines up the guest bathroom perfectly!


  4. Daily Domestic
    Q1: Do you cringe at the site of toothpaste gunk in the bathroom sink and on the mirrors?
    Q2: Do you love a dish-free sink?
    Q3: Are there a few chores you do daily to ensure the clean appearance of your home?
    If this sounds like you, you’re probably a Daily Domestic. On a daily basis you make sure:
    – countertops are clean in the kitchen and bathroom;
    – the sink in the bathroom is clean;
    – the mirror is gunk-free;
    – the dishes are done and;
    – the floors are free of debris.
    Daily Domestics love our 5-piece Daily Cleaning Set. It includes two Glass & Polishing Cloths for shining the mirror and faucets, one General Purpose Cloth to wipe down countertops, one Kitchen Cloth for making sure your sink is dish-free and a Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster for removing debris from floors and baseboards.

So, we ask again…


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