Why e-cloth Now Holds a Valuable Role in Our Household

Parents know that cleaning up after a baby or toddler is just a part of life. But what doesn’t have to be part of life is using traditional cleaning products laden with dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are even found in the baby wipes we stash around the house and in the car. Many contain a chemical called Methylisothiazolinone or MI.


You may know that we recently launched Baby Care by e-cloth. It was borne out of parents’ natural instinct to protect their children. We recognized that new parents need help. Navigating all of the aspects of this new role can be overwhelming. We wanted to make the decision-making process easy by offering safe, straight-forward and high-performing products that all parents can count on. No safety risks involved!

These products were developed using the same thought process that has made e-cloth successful for 20 years. We focus on the cleaning tasks that are both most important and most challenging. We use our expertise in chemical-free cleaning to help you care for, comfort, and most importantly, protect your child.

We sent Laura at Southern Made Simple a sample of the Chemical-free and Reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit. Continue reading below to see how her cleaning habits have changed for the better now that she has Baby Care by e-cloth.


You see this kid right here? As cute as she may be, she can make some pretty nasty messes. I know parents of toddlers can totally testify to the fact that little ones have an unmatched talent when it comes to creating the most colossal messes in minimal time. I’ve heard people say that trying to clean with a toddler around is like brushing your teeth while you’re eating Oreo’s, and I always chuckle because it’s so true!


For instance, this meal that my daughter is eating doesn’t really look like it’d be that messy (it’s just mashed potatoes after all,) but I bet you’d never guess that I spent a good 5 minutes after she was finished cleaning potatoes out of the curtain behind her. As cute as they are when they’re learning how to feed themselves, they quickly become not so cute when you realize you’re the one that has to clean up after them!

Since I spend a good portion of my day cleaning up after her, I try to pay close attention to the products that I use in my home. I want to make sure that whatever I use, especially when I’m cleaning HER up, is 100% safe for her be around. Finding cleaning products that are effective without having an ingredient list that’s a mile long can be extremely challenging. When I heard about the Reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit from Baby Care by e-cloth® that cleans AND removes 99% of bacteria using just water, I was totally intrigued.


So many of the messes that my daughter leaves behind are really stubborn. It often seems like I have to let the mess soak in a solution just to be able to wipe it up. The worst offender is when she gets food on her hands and mouth and it dries. It’s just like trying to get baked on lasagna off of a casserole dish. It’s tough! So the notion that I could wipe away tough messes AND removes bacteria with NO cleaner had me feeling a little skeptical.

As I did a little more research on e-cloth®, I quickly learned the reasoning as to how something as simple as water, paired with one of their reusable cloths, could be as effective as they claim.  Come to find out, the fibers used to make the cloths are made of polyester and nylon, but are 1,000 times finer than cotton fibers. To put that into perspective for you, that’s 1/200th the diameter of a single human hair! They’re actually the smallest fibers in the world that can be made by a man.


So how exactly does that make it effective? Here’s how: Nylon fibers are actually negatively charged and therefore attract water, which happens to be positively charged. The super strong fibers in each e-cloth® act as a magnet, making dirt and grime attach to the cloth! This is a huge deal for us personally, because I am able to eliminate potentially unsafe chemicals from our household that will be around my daughter. I have peace of mind when I’m cleaning her little hands and face that the only thing cleaning her skin is water – and it works really well!


Dried mashed potatoes can be really tricky to remove from anything, let alone a squirmy toddler. Once my toddler was finished with her meal, I handed her an e-cloth sprayed with water to clean herself up with. She “lightly” wiped her hands and face (I came in later to help of course,) but she went right to work wiping up her high chair mess. She may be messy, but she’s such a good little helper!

Once we were finished using the e-cloth reusable wipe, we tossed it in the laundry bag that is included in the 13 piece Reusable Hand & Face Cleaning Kit. Also included in the kit are:

  • 10 Hand & Face Cleaning Cloth Wipes
  • 1 adorable carrying pouch that fits perfectly in a diaper bag
  • 1 small water spray bottle


E-cloth® now holds a very valuable role in our household, as it reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, cleans tough messes and helps reduce illnesses caused by bacterial growth. It’s such a simple thought that water can clean as effectively as those tough chemicals we used to use, but it’s even more powerful knowing that it actually does clean better.

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