Range & Stovetop Cleaning 2-Pack


  • Use the Range & Stovetop Pack to clean and shine your stovetop, range, and oven. The dual-sided Range & Stovetop Cloth is a cook’s best kept secret: on one side, non-scratch, scrubbing stripes cut through persistent, stuck-on residue, while the soft, absorbent side wipes away grease and crumbs. Dry the outer surface of your appliance with the Glass & Polishing Cloth for a finished, streak-free shine. Includes 2 cloths: (1) Range & Stovetop Cloth, (1) Glass & Polishing Cloth

    • Scrub away stubborn, stuck-on grime from ceramic, porcelain and glass
    • Wipe away debris, grease, and crumbs, while removing 99% of bacteria
    • Enjoy shiny, streak-free exteriors of your small and large appliances
    • Clean cooking surfaces with just water; no chemicals required
    • Recommended and approved by home experts such as Neff and Smeg and the Good Housekeeping Institute 
  • Color(s): Blue and Gray, Gray
    Material(s): 75% polyester, 15% polyamide 10% polypropylene
    Item Dimensions: 12.5in x 12.5in
    Country of Origin: Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea

  • How to Use

    Range & Stovetop Cloth (with scrubbing stripes) – Wet thoroughly and wring out.  Fold the cloth like a pad and use scrubbing stripes for tough, stuck-on residue. Use the scrubbing side to loosen stuck on residues. Use the soft, absorbent side to collect and wipe away loosened debris. Polishing Cloth (thin) – Use dry directly after the Range & Stovetop cloth on glass, knobs, chrome, and other shiny surfaces. 
    Note: When the Polishing Cloth gets too damp, it is less effective at drying to a streak free finish, so rotate to dry sides as needed. 

    Note: Be careful to remove loose, sharp debris before and while scrubbing. While the cloths will never scratch a surface, grinding loose particles into the surface with the cloth may result in damages.

    Care Instructions

    Flush the cloth with water intermittently while using to free the crumbs or residue from the fibers. Hang to dry between uses.

    When it's time to launder the cloth, machine wash regularly at medium temperature, using a small amount of detergent.
    Tumble or hang dry.

    If too much detergent is used, cleaning performance may be reduced, in which case, hot wash without any detergent. The cloth will benefit from an occasional hot wash at high temperature or sterilizing by boiling in just water.

    Do not use bleach or fabric softener which inhibits performance.
    If fabric softener is used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent. If discoloration or staining occurs, this will not affect the performance of the cloth as long as it is clean.

    Note: Color may run. Wash new cloths separately.

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