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    Car Glass & Chrome Cloth


    The E-Cloth Car Glass & Chrome Cloth removes fingerprints, smudges, and grime from windshields, windows, glass, mirrors, and chrome. Used dry on a wet surface, the cloth removes 99% of bacteria and leaves a streak-free finish, every time. Like you, we think cleaning should be pure and simple. A healthier way to clean, E-Cloth is enough.

    Includes: 1 Car Glass & Chrome Cloth


    Daily: Rinse and wring out your product after use.

    Weekly: Machine wash with a small amount of detergent. No bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. Hang or tumble dry.

    As often as you like: To sanitize and degrease, boil in just water.

    Oops! Instructions: If fabric softener or dryer sheets are used by accident, rewash with a little detergent.

    Made to last: Most E-Cloth products last for 300 washes or 3 years with standard use and care. Please see specific product detail pages for more cleaning and care instructions, and the product guarantee.


    Materials: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

    Dimensions: 16in x 20in

    Country of Origin: Indonesia