Benefits of Chemical-free Cleaning Products

Benefits of Chemical-free Cleaning Products

For (the greater) Good

E-Cloth makes it possible to have it all. Clean as good - or better - without chemicals. Stay true to your eco-friendly lifestyle. Put the health of your family first. Eliminate expensive disposables and refills from your budget. We want to change the way you clean for good - the greater good.

Designed for Performance

With 3.1 million premium fibers per square inch, our cloths are built to remove bacteria and take on tough cleaning jobs. There's no sacrificing cleanliness when you use E-Cloth; it's designed to be effective and efficient every time you clean.

Designed for Health

Don't be fooled by the pretty bottle with the brightly-colored liquid that smells so "clean." You just signed up your family for all the chemicals dyes, fragrances, and preservatives, that come with it. E-Cloth products have awesome chemical-free cleaning power built-in, so you can get the nasty stuff out of your home and away from the people and pets you love.


Designed for Savings

The Big Cleaning industry loves systems designed to drive frequent purchases of expensive consumables. Don't fall for it. e-cloth products last for years. Most come with a 300 machine wash guarantee. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary purchases of expensive chemicals, single-use refills, and paper towels.

Designed for Earth

Chemical cleaners, disposable wipes, single-use mop refills, and all the plastic and packaging wreak havoc on our environment. We believe that high-quality cleaning tools, built well for thousands of uses, are the best way to respect and protect our shared environment.

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