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Which Are The Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths?

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Which Are the Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths?

Which are the Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths?

Cheap vs. Premium? Bulk vs. Durable? Packs vs. Singles?

Go for the Guarantee

There is no shortage of microfiber cleaning cloths to choose from today. But not all microfiber is created equal. The dime-a-dozen cloths available in bulk do not deliver the cleaning results that higher quality microfiber can deliver with just water.

The power of premium microfiber cloths guarantee brilliant performance because of the high quality materials and precise construction. Low quality microfiber cloths don’t provide any guarantees.

So what’s the power of premium microfiber?

Fiber Count

Premium microfiber cloths have 3.1 million premium fibers per square inch. If that sounds like a lot, it is. The power of premium microfiber is in the fiber count.

As opposed to:

Low quality microfiber cloth has no where near this quantity of premium material to trap dirt and dust, which means the yucky stuff stays behind or you end up using chemicals and a cheap cloth. No thank you!

Fiber Density

Premium microfiber cleaning cloths break down then pick up dirt in its minuscule fiber threads. When you rinse it out, the threads release 99.9% of what was picked up making it ready to use again instantly. The power of premium microfiber is in the fiber density.

As opposed to:

Cheap microfiber cloths actually try to absorb spills and barely collects small dirt particles. When you rinse it out, the stuff you picked up remains absorbed in the fibers, so it’s unsanitary to reuse it until after its cleaned. The cleaning performance is no better than a paper towel.

Fiber Construction

Task-specific microfiber cleaning cloths are constructed to give exceptional results on the surface for which it is designed. For some cleaning tasks, speed of absorption is absolutely critical (i.e. streak-free finish on windows), while in others the volume that can be absorbed is the priority (i.e. kitchen cloths). The power of premium microfiber is in the thoughtful design and construction of the cloth’s fibers.

As opposed to:

Generic microfiber cloths aren’t created for specific tasks. This means when tackling a specific surface, you’re not using the best cloth for the job. You wouldn’t use a bath towel to make your bay windows sparkle, so why would you use a low quality cloth?

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