See Why E-Cloth Customers Become Advocates

You've heard about cleaning with just water. You're skeptical, but intrigued. If this really works, it could be a game changer.

Backed by 20+ years of word-of-mouth advocacy, our customers are here to tell you: e-cloth is the real deal. So change the way you clean for (the greater) good. The game has been changed. We're at the finish line. Join us.

E-Cloth Reviews

Cannot live without!

Since using this cloth, my kitchen is sparkling and so easy to keep clean. I've since bought a few more for around the home, it's changed my cleaning life!


Clean + Chemical-free!

I absolutely love E-cloth products! These cloths hold up well to washing, and I’m glad they are eco friendly. Best of all, I can thoroughly clean every surface in my home without chemicals. Cleaning is a breeze and my kids can help too!


Buy these!!

All I can say is wow! You won’t believe it until you try it. What?! A cleaning cloth? I was up late tonight cleaning because it’s fun with these cloths. All of them I’ve tried are great. The mop too.


These are the best

These are the best cloths. I started out purchasing the whole pack of different e-cloths and wanted and extra set of the kitchen clothes. I use them all the time. I can clean my stove top without any chemicals and it just sparkles and shines. I won't be without these cloths. All of them are the best, the glass one and the stainless steel cloth and you just wet them with water.


Packs a Punch

Stainless Steel Pack

First product that has worked

I knew that owning stainless steel appliances would require more work, but what I didn't realize was that not all stainless steel cleaners were created equal. This is the first product that has worked for me EACH and every time. No fail.

- Anonymous,

Bathroom Pack

Best bathroom cleaning cloth

This is the best bathroom cleaning cloth that I have ever used. I have asthma and do not like using chemicals. This cloth wipes the soap scum off the tub so easily without a lot of elbow grease. I wipe the walls down when I am in the shower and I noticed that the walls sparkle when they are dry. Good bye soap scum.

Judy D,

Window Pack

Buy this

For years, I've tried different methods to get the inside car windows streak and grease free, with moderate success. I tried it on the household mirrors and other places I would use a glass cleaner, wonderfully clear and streak free. My windex days are over.

-Dr. Pepper,

Deep Clean Mop Reviews

So Clean

With two kids and pets in the house, I am always wary of using cleaning products on the hard tile floor, but water usually doesn't cut it with my regular mop. This mop takes little to no effort and gets my floors feeling so clean without the harsh products. I clean feel comfortable with all paws crawling around.

- Anonymous,

Love this mop!

SO EASY to use! Fits under stove and fridge so you can clean underneath. Took me 10 minutes to clean my entire lower level! Easy to rinse and ring, and floors dried so quickly. No chemicals needed for clean floors!

- WAD,

Amazing concept + product

Amazing concept and product! I bought two of them and gave one as a gift. SERIOUSLY, life changing product!! Treat yourself to the ease of use and kick the mop bucket for good :)

-Kacey E.,