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Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth - Removes Smudges, Fingerprints, Bacteria From Phones, Tablets, and More

The super-soft E-Cloth Personal Electronics Cleaning Cloth removes grease, grime, fingermarks and over 99% of bacteria from touchscreens - with a wipe. No chemical cleaners needed.

Promotion is good for (1) free Electronics Cloth (value $3.99) for every (1) $25.00 minimum Gift Card that is purchased. Previous purchases do no apply and no substitutions are available. Promotion is good until August 22nd, 2019

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Don’t be fooled by the brightly-colored spray cleaner that smells so “clean.” E-Cloth products need only water to clean brilliantly while leaving no residual toxins, fumes, or chemicals that can affect your family’s health and safety. Breathe easy with the simplicity of e-cloth.


Single-use paper towels and plastic bottles wreak havoc
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Using e-cloth eliminates pricey refills and
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