Face Cleaning Cloths 10-Pack with Kit


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  • Includes: One (1) 8.5" x 7.9" x 1.5" Carry Pouch, one (1) 1oz (30ml) Spray Bottle, ten (10) Reusable Cloth Wipes (7" x 7"), and one (1) 7.25" x 13.3" Laundry Bag Reusable Cloth. Cloth Wipes provide a faster and better clean using just a cloth and water, making them perfect for babies and toddlers with chemicals sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes and asthma associated with the use of chemical additives, fragrances and dyes.

    • Cleans using just water, no chemicals - the power is in the fibers
    • Removes over 99% of bacteria. 3 Year guarantee
    • Handy opening to access a Hand & Face Cloth Wipe
    • Water Spray bottle keeps a reservoir of water available to clean at any time
    • Laundry bag for dirty Cloth Wipes is included in the pouch pocket
  • Color(s): Ivory, Blue, & Yellow

    Item Dimensions: 11.5in x 8.75in x 1.5in
    Country of Origin: China


    Care Instructions

    e-cloth Cloth Wipes: A warm rinse is often enough in day to day use. Machine wash regularly at medium temperature, using a little detergent and rinse well. If too much detergent is used, cleaning performance may be reduced, in which case, hot wash without any detergent. The cloth will benefit from an occasional hot wash at high temperature or sterilizing by boiling in just water. • Tumble or hang dry. • DO NOT use bleach, which damages the fibers or fabric conditioner, which inhibits performance. If used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent. Note: Color may run. Wash new cloths separately.

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