10 Places People Forget to Clean

Spring cleaning is around the corner, and while we're all set to tackle the usual suspects, there are a few undercover areas quietly collecting dust. From the silent stories of baseboards to the hidden tales under area rugs, and the often-ignored spaces like gadget screens, pet corners, and the shadows of the laundry room. This season, let's zero in on those top 10 sneaky spots that have been skipping our cleaning radar. Gear up for a mini-adventure in your own home, uncovering and outsmarting the dust in its cleverest hideouts!

The area around and behind the toilet base is often missed, yet it can harbor germs and grime

Dust and grime can accumulate on these surfaces over time, but they are frequently overlooked during regular cleaning routines.

Devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, keyboards, and remote controls are handled daily but rarely cleaned properly.

Dust and lint can buildup from vent covers and around exhaust fans.

Dust builds up in the narrow spaces between window blinds and window sills.

While the rugs annd furniture themselves might be cleaned, the floors underneath are often forgotten.

Dishwashers and washing machines build up residue and odor througout the year.

We love cooking! We don't love all the grease and grime that builds up on our kitchen cabinets!

Ceiling fans and light fixtures are a hotspot for dust, but they aren't the easiest to clean.

Behind, under, and around major appliances are a tight squeeze.

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