The Ocean Unites Us

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Gnome Surf, an incredible organization dedicated to spreading joy and healing through surf therapy. Like us, they share a deep passion for the ocean, not only as a place of play but as a source of therapy and healing.

Gnome Surf Therapy

Gnome Surf Therapy is a transformative program that harnesses the power of the ocean to heal and uplift children of all abilities. Through tailored surf therapy sessions, the program offers a unique blend of physical activity, ocean interaction, and therapeutic techniques, fostering emotional and social growth alongside the joy of surfing. Participants experience not just the thrill of riding waves but also significant improvements in confidence, communication, and overall well-being. This innovative approach creates a supportive community environment where every child can thrive, feel accepted, and connect deeply with nature.

United for the Oceans and Communities

Together, we are committed to protecting and preserving our oceans. Our goal is to ensure these majestic waters can continue to inspire and nurture communities for generations to come. With Gnome Surf's expertise in surf therapy and our eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we are poised to make a significant impact.

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We are tied to the ocean

- John F Kennedy

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