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E-Cloth In The News

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January 10, 2020

"It’s easy, eco-friendly and actually works."

"My newest cleaning obsession is E-Cloth."

"It’s totally natural and therefore safer for us and my baby."

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Buzzfeed - March 4, 2020

36 Things You May Want To Add To Your Bag On Your Next Trip | "He loves it, and it takes a lot to impress him. Great buy." read more >

Brit + Co - February 24, 2020
10 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Sustainable and Easy | "Swap your paper towels with these microfiber cloths." read more >
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Ideal Home - February 10, 2020
Why you should never clean the floor with a mop and bucket | "...try a more modern alternative to the traditional mop head and bucket, such as the e-cloth Deep Clean Mop" read more >
Featured: Deep Clean Mop
Real Homes - February 2, 2020
9 cleaning jobs you must do before potential buyers come round to view | "...they cut down on chemical products, elbow grease and plastic waste." read more >

Featured: Starter Pack 5-PC

Real Homes - January 24, 2020
These are the best cleaning product for bathrooms | "If you don't like buying plastic bottles of cleaner, or want to save money, or both, we urge you to give the e-cloth a go." read more >
Featured: Bathroom Pack
Today - January 10, 2020
8 cleaning products that are effective, affordable and environmentally friendly
| "Save the earth and your pockets from some serious damage with this helpful set of reusable cleaning cloths." read more >
Featured: Starter Pack 5-PC
Buzzfeed - January 14, 2020

18 Products That Will Change Your Cleaning Game Forever | "A stainless steel cleaning cloth, which will keep you from screaming internally every time someone presses their grubby fingers to your favourite appliances." read more >
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Buzzfeed - December 24, 2019

35 Products To Make Cleaning Your Kitchen Super Efficient | "I had my doubts, but have seen the future of cleaning, and it's these babies." read more >
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Buzzfeed - December 22, 2019

27 Cleaning Products That'll Help Make Everyday Things A Lot Less Gross | "you can just wipe away dust while easily maneuvering around odds and ends in your way." read more >
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Today - September 26, 2019
This $13 product is my secret to getting streak-free windows | "I recently found a secret weapon to getting them sparkling like new again and the best part is it doesn’t involve any chemicals." read more >
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Good Housekeeping - May 15, 2019
30 best ever cleaning hacks from the GHI experts | "So good for so many tasks and you only need to dampen them with water." read more >
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Business Insider - April 29, 2019
15 reusable cleaning products that are more sustainable than their traditional counterparts | "These cloths work together to clean glass and windows, ensuring a streak-free shine." read more >
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Buzzfeed - February 21, 2019
22 Bathroom Cleaning Products People Actually Swear By | "Basically, they're pure magic, the Dumbledore of cleaning products." read more >
Good Housekeeping - February 20, 2019
Six Spring Cleaning Essentials | " ‘These are great for cleaning and buffing,’ says Verity Mann, Head of Testing at the GHI." read more >