E-Cloth is the smarter way to clean!

Remove dust, dirt and grime with JUST WATER!

No Added Cleaners Needed

Money Back Guarantee

Good For Your Family

What do you need E-Cloth for?

Engineered for all surface types

  • We’ve made a smarter and simpler way to clean.
  • You can drop the disposables and cut the chemical cleaners, E-Cloth will remove dust, dirt, and grime with the purest compound on earth: Water.
  • In a world full of excess, E-Cloth is enough.

How E-Cloth Works

Effective. Exceptional Engineering.

E-Cloth products and water pull grime into the cloth's tiny voids and the cloth holds the grime in until you flush it away under the faucet. You can be confident knowing you’re left with clean surfaces wherever you use E-Cloth.

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"Swap your paper towel with
these microfiber cloths."



"It's easy, eco-friendly and

actually works."


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