Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

How To Wash Your
E-Cloth Microfiber Products

How To Wash Your
Microfiber e-cloth Products

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

How to Wash Your E-Cloth Products

A Little TLC Goes a Long Way

This is how you do it.

Cleaning your e-cloth products is easy, breezy, lemon-squeezy (lemons optional).

  • Hot water works best to rinse all that yucky stuff down the drain.
  • Between uses, rinse + wring out the cloth thoroughly, and hang to air dry.
  • Machine wash up to 140°F, using a little detergent
  • Tumble dry or hang the cloths to dry.

Hey! This is important.

We're not into toxic chemicals or relationships. Treat your e-cloth product right.

  • Fabric softener + dryer sheets are the kryptonite to our fibers - avoid them while cleaning and washing.
  • Colors may run. Wash cloths separately the first time around.
  • Skip the the bleach. Excessive use will damage the fibers and performance.

Back on track.

Mess up? Don't freak out - our cloths are built to last. Think of us as the comeback cloths.

  • If fabric softener or dryer sheets are used by mistake, rewash the product immediately.
  • If cloth performance is reduced or if cloth develops an odor, machine wash on high heat.
  • If the cloth takes on a greasy feel, boil it for 5 minutes, then follow the regular wash instructions.

How to Wash: FAQs

Why can't I use fabric softener?

It is the tiny voids within and between the microfibers that make e-cloth products work so darn well. It is those voids that attract dirt, bacteria - you know, the yucky stuff. Fabric softener and dryer sheets are designed to leave "gunk" (i.e. - chemicals!) behind on fabrics. This "gunk" clogs those voids and blocks the fibers from pick up duty.

Why can't I use bleach?

Excessive use of bleach can destroy the fibers of the cloth, rendering them damaged and irreparable. Since the power of e-cloth is in its premium fibers, the performance of the product is dependent on their integrity and fortitude.

What type of detergent can I use?

You may use any type of laundry detergent to clean your e-cloth products. Avoid the use of combo products that include the use of fabric softener with the detergent.

There are stains on my cloth after washing them!

When cleaning up grease and grime, it's normal for your cloths to stain. As long as you follow the standard cleaning instructions, stains will not affect the cleaning performance. Stains will fade over time.

Voila! That's It.

Now that you're schooled on the ways of washing microfiber cloths, mop heads, scrubbers, and pads, you're ready to graduate to cloth-ownership.