Revolutionizing Cleaning: How Bubbles and Buckets Saved Time and Money With E-Cloth

Within the cleaning service industry, quality and professionalism are paramount. Businesses — both big and small — invest a great deal of time, money, and effort to ensure they provide their clients with premium services, which, in turn, can help their business grow. But achieving spotless spaces comes with significant hurdles, as experienced by the home-cleaning service Bubbles and Buckets.

Founded in 2018 by Amber Hendrickson, Bubbles and Buckets is a residential cleaning service offering professional cleaning solutions to homeowners in Albertville, Minnesota. Committed to providing impeccable cleanliness, Hendrickson has made a name for her company through her unwavering devotion to her clients, dedication to environmental responsibility, and active social media presence.

Cleaning challenges

When Hendrickson first embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, her drive to deliver high-quality service meant longer cleaning time per client. A major pain point for her was the persistent challenge of achieving streak-free and lint-free results when cleaning windows and mirrors. Regardless of the combination of products and tools she used, the final finish was far from satisfactory and required additional time to provide the quality cleaning her clients expected.

Moreover, the use of numerous cleaning products came at a cost, both financially and ecologically. Maintaining an inventory of multiple supplies was expensive, and constantly disposing of single-use products was not in line with Hendrickson’s environmentally responsible principles. Storing and transporting a variety of products also required additional space and time.

Turning to E-Cloth

While Hendrickson was aware of E-Cloth and its products prior to starting Bubbles and Buckets, she did not begin using them until she stumbled upon E-Cloth’s Window Cleaning Kit. Intrigued by the unique fabrication of the Window Cloth and Glass & Polishing Cloth, along with E-Cloth’s promise to produce a streak-free finish with just water, she decided to give it a try.

The results were nothing short of amazing. E-Cloth had solved Hendrickson’s window- and mirror-cleaning woes by making cleaning easier and more effective.

As she continued to use E-Cloth, Hendrickson became a vocal advocate for the product, even promoting it on Bubbles and Buckets’ social media channels. Her posts soon caught the attention of the E-Cloth team, who reached out to her and introduced her to their other products, including their Dusting Cloth, General Purpose Cloth, and Easy-Click Mop.

Saving time, money, and the planet

With E-Cloth’s Window Cleaning Kit, Hendrickson has reduced her overall cleaning time by up to 45 minutes per client, boosting her productivity. As she continues to incorporate other E-Cloth products into her cleaning routine, Hendrickson has been able to effectively clean all surfaces with just water, from countertops and floors to the notoriously tricky-to-clean bathtub residue.

Additionally, by using E-Cloth’s reusable products, Hendrickson eliminated the need for an array of cleaning agents and supplies, thus saving money. For a small business owner, these cost savings have greatly helped Hendrickson sustain and grow her business in a relatively short amount of time.

By decreasing her reliance on liquid-chemical cleaners, Hendrickson’s cleaning process also became better for herself, her clients, and the environment. Turning to E-Cloth proved to be an important step toward reducing Bubbles and Buckets’ carbon footprint and aligning her business with eco-conscious values.

Transforming the cleaning industry

Hendrickson's journey with E-Cloth demonstrates how innovative cleaning supplies can transform the cleaning industry. Not only does E-Cloth save time and money, but it does so without compromising cleanliness. E-Cloth can remove dirt and grime without additional chemical cleaning products and then can be rinsed out and used again. Furthermore, by decreasing the industry’s reliance on liquid-chemical cleaners and wasteful supplies such as paper towels, E-Cloth provides cleaning businesses with an opportunity to embrace a more environmentally friendly approach.

With E-Cloth, Hendrickson successfully addressed the cleaning challenges she faced, improved the quality of her cleaning service, lowered her overall costs, and reduced her business’s environmental impact. Her achievement serves as a compelling example of how embracing more efficient cleaning practices can advance business growth for a brighter and cleaner future.

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