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Gifts That Keep

Home Gift Guide 2020

Gifts that Keep

Our Gift Guide for 2019

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Gifts that Keep

Our Gift Guide for 2019

For Gifts You'll Use All-Year Round + Many Years After

Cleaning supplies...as gifts? Yes! Give gifts that are usable, unique, and lifestyle-friendly. E-Cloth products live at the intersection of thoughtfulness and function, making them the ideal household gift. Here are five remarkable gift ideas that will elicit the highly sought-after response: “This is perfect.”

Meet the must-have hostess gifts of the season. Complement the twinkle lights with crystal clear glass flutes and goblets polished by this Glassware Drying & Polishing Towel or the Glass and Polishing Cloth. No lint, no water spots, no worries.

Glassware Drying & Polishing Towel

The Glassware Towel is designed for wine goblets, decanters, vases, and pastry domes to make them look better than new.

Glass & Polishing Cloth

The Glass & Polishing Cloth gives the ultimate finish to windows, mirrors, chrome, glass, and all shiny surfaces.

For the Pet Parent

For the dog that doesn’t need another sweater or the cat that shakes off her booties, we’ve got your pet presents right here. This Pet Grooming & Massage Mitt and Pet Bowl Scrubber will make the pet and and the pet-parent equally happy!

Grooming & Massage Mitt

Grooms and gently massages - for a glossy sheen and a happy pet.

Pet Bowl Scrubber

Eliminate cross-contaminating mixups AND over 99% of bacteria from your pets bowl.

For the Home

Whether it's for a first-time renter or an established family home, a premium set of cleaning cloths is an asset no household should go without. Check out our Home Cleaning Set  and our 6 PC Gift Set for chemical-free cleaning that sets the standard.

Home Cleaning Set

With 8 specialist cloths, this complete set covers all the bases of a thorough home cleaning. Packed in a box for easy wrapping, it's the ideal household gift.

Gift Set

Choose the Gift Set they'll reuse daily for years to come. Arranged in a recycled box and ready to wrap, this set includes 6 General Purpose Cloths in 3 colors.

For the Gearhead

New car owners, auto collectors, and road warriors all fear the same things: scratches and residue. They can keep their pride and joy in peak condition–inside and out–with the Car Cleaning Kit or the Car Cleaning Cloth with just water and a few swipes of elbow grease.

Car Cleaning Cloth

Easily removes grime and grease from all vehicle surfaces, using just water

Car Cleaning Kit

All you need to quickly clean, dry and shine the whole car with just water.

For Everyone

A little something with a big impact. Pocket-sized cloths keep the grease and grime off away from their most-used items. Gift the Electronics Cloth and the Eyeglasses Cloth to smudge-averse recipients who appreciate the value of a clean scene.

Electronics Cloth

Removes fingerprints, makeup, and streaks from your screens.

Eyelasses Cloth

Removes light grease and finger marks from glasses and lenses.