8 Things You Didn’t Think to Clean with e-cloth: More Unconventional Uses

unconventional uses for e-cloth, chemical-free, cleaning with just water

The beauty of e-cloth is that it cleans better, faster and with less effort than traditional methods and does all that using just water. But it goes even further – e-cloth is incredibly versatile. There are very few things e-cloth won’t clean. You might remember our previous post about 8 Things You Never Thought to Clean with e-cloth; we’re continuing that series, and this time we’re sharing ideas from e-cloth users like you.

  1. “I play guitar and recently was changing strings and cleaning it. I tried the glass and
    Glass & Polishing Cloth (Daffodil)

    polishing cloth and it was far and away the best fabric I have ever used on my guitar ! Shiny and new! I felt and saw the difference immediately ! Loved it !!” Mike 09/05/2013


  2. “My housekeeper accidentally sprayed a mirror with stainless steel cleaner.. Yikes.. don’t worry we will try our new ecloth. Sure enough it cleaned the mirror.” Carol, 01/23/2014
  3. “We’re a small coffee roasting company and have been using the stove top/range cleaner to clean some of our machines. They work wonders on our stainless!! LOVE your products!!!” Lisa, 10/05/2013

    Range & Stovetop Cloth

  4. “I love it for all of my stainless steel. They clean quickly and are shiny. I have some
    Stainless Steel Cloth

    antique brass based lamps which have been lacquered to prevent tarnish. They still get dusty with a sort of stickiness (from kitchen, etc. smoke I assume) and I’ve always been afraid to use any cleaning product on them for fear of harming the lacquer. This morning, I tried using theStainless Steel Cloth and the dirt came off quickly and the bases are all shiny.” Judy A., 01/08/2016


  5. “I purchased the E-cloth Cleaning Wand. Wow I’ve had so much fun at home. I never
    Cleaning & Dusting Wand

    sat down, I started cleaning. In less than an hour I have cleaned two handfuls of lint from my dryer, cleaned my window blinds, cleaned the entire base around the kitchen including under and between the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator.all the way saying WOW!! it works.” Sherrie, 02/26/2015


6. “This is a great product!  I have had stubborn water stains on my bathroom fixtures since we bought our home.  I have tried so many products to remove them with no success.  This product has made them shine like new!  Also removed the stains from the non skid shower floor.  It does take some time and scrubbing, but the results are amazing!  Great that it is a safe cleaner and works awesome!” Jes, 4/20/2016

20602 UniversalStone&Applicator.jpg
Universal Stone with Applicator

7. “Instead of using dry shampoo on my cats I use a damp e-cloth. They don’t mind half as much and there is no toxic residue! The rough nature of the [Bathroom C]loth helps to remove loose fur as well as clean it. Bit like a cat’s tongue!” – Noemi, 10/19/2016 (via Facebook)

10604S - Bathroom Cloth.gif
Bathroom Cloth

8. “I have found that when a child (o.k. maybe me;) spills food, drink, even oily salad dressing on the front of a shirt, an e-cloth with a little warm water is a clothing saver! I blot, and keep blotting and it works great! I have saved many a shirt this way!” – Judy K. 10/18/16 (via Facebook)

10602RP - GP Cloth Raspberry.png
General Purpose Cloth


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