Does e-cloth Really Work?


e-cloth’s claims to clean better and faster and to remove over 99% of bacteria using just water may seem far-fetched. We’re not new to this type of skepticism, but what we’ve found is that all it takes is for someone to try e-cloth once and then they’re a believer. That was the case with The Chemical Free Me.


The Chemical Free Me
is a “family owned and operated business that has a passion for creating healthy products for the whole family to use.” Their story is best written in their own words.

The Chemical Free Me Story
The human body is not made to process the exorbitant amount of chemicals we come in contact with on a daily basis. It’s been a long standing goal for us to make our environment as free from toxins as possible.

Four years ago my youngest son was born with Down Syndrome. I dove head first into research to learn everything I could about giving him the best opportunities possible. I learned that individuals with Down Syndrome have an even more difficult time processing toxins than the general population. That made our goal of a toxin-free environment much more personal, and much more significant.

Many products that are used every day by families contain harmful chemicals, that I did not feel comfortable putting on my children or myself. I knew the benefits of using natural and organic products, but struggled to find products that worked effectively or met my high standards. It became extremely frustrating trying to find products that my family could feel comfortable using that didn’t sacrifice healthy benefits for less expensive or desirable ingredients. With the help of my sister, who had a line of flower essences for several years, we merged our talents and products to bring you The Chemical Free Me.

The terrifying fact is that we don’t know all of the effects of household chemical use. We do know that e-cloth eliminates the need for these chemicals by cleaning with just water. And e-cloth achieves better results in less time without risking the safety of our families. Offer your customers peace of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that they’re getting the best possible clean.

The Chemical Free Me does not typically host product reviews, but they ended up posting the following review because they were so impressed with the results. They received e-cloth as a thank you from a follower and were eager to put it to the test. To really test the limits of what e-cloth is able to do, they used it inside the house as well as to clean the family vehicle. Keep reading to find out the final verdict.


e-cloth – Does It Really Work?


We put the E-Cloth to the test, and think you will love the results!

A few weeks ago I was sent an E-Cloth as a gift from one of our Instagram followers. This was sent as a thank you for the information we have been providing on our page. That alone made my day to hear another wonderful message of how we are helping with sharing of information and the products we have chosen to offer. To be clear, nothing was asked in return, it was just a thank you.

Several days later the cloths arrived at my house. My first thoughts, I didn’t expect to be overly impressed with what a dry cloth (wet with water to clean) would do for me.

The First Test
Our skincare products are oil based, so my shower needs a good scrub periodically.

Generally I opt for baking soda with lemon essential oil, vinegar, a scrubby sponge and some elbow grease. Figuring this was the perfect test, I went to work. Adding nothing but water to the E-Cloth, I was shocked when I got my shower perfectly clean.

More Results
Next, I tackled the minivan, after it took a several day road trip with four kids, food, muddy feet and bathing suits. Took the dirt right off the seats (leather FYI). Later in the week I used it on counters etc. Each time I was equally impressed with its ability to clean!

So Where’s the Catch?
There has got to be a catch-I figured if I researched enough I would find that there is some sort of toxin or chemical involved in this “magic.” I did my research. NOTHING. Rave reviews and reports. Clinical testing done by the internationally accredited Silliker Group has proven it to remove 99% of bacteria including E. coli and Listeria using just water. Crazy! More good news? It has a 300 wash guarantee! That replaces endless paper towel waste, toxic sponges, cleaning chemicals and more.

What can you use it on?
iPads, phones and other electronics
Stainless steel
Granite (not Matt)
Wood and furniture
(There is a separate cloth for windows that gets amazing reviews!)

Normally we do not do reviews. I was not asked to review this product, but since it fit perfectly into our standards of toxin free and environmentally friendly cleaners I wanted to share it with you for a Toxic Tuesday. I highly recommend adding it to your cleaning team!

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